Public Relations

The New Rules of Marketing

Although the field of public relations has dramatically changed over the years, we have kept on top of the trend, readily adopting the new rules of marketing. In plain English, that means we understand more than most firms how public relations and electronic communications work together to generate publicity for Mountain Marketing Group clients.

Over the years, we’ve represented dozens of clients–and seen dramatic results:

Gregg 3

Real Life Social Media Success Story #1

An Inland Empire business coach

  • 6 weeks: Top Google Rankings for keywords associated with his field
  • 3 months: $20,000 in directly attributable new business

Gregg 1





Real Life Social Media Public Relations Success Story #2

corporate fire/life safety training company

Bob 4

  • Within 6 weeks: Social media posts generated Internet buzz and bridged the gap from clients on west and east coasts to serve interior states–significantly increasing subscribers
  • Internet content, including blog posts, tweets, Pins, Facebook posts continue to be re-blogged and included on several third-party online newsletters
  • Frequently listed on the “Who’s Who of Social Media” contributors



Real Life Social Media Public Relations Success Story #3

A woman’s gym franchise

  • Generated popular search results, which led to attention from Curves Corporate & Woman’s Day Magazine. Candy 3
  • Owner/Operator is featured in the April, 2014 issue of Woman’s Day.Candy 2
  • She is also set to be the new face of Curves International.

Real Life Social Media Public Relations Success Story #4


BWW 3A popular restaurant

  • Gained a large FB following and associated notoriety, all of which has earned them Best of the IE
  • “Best breakfast” and “Best Meal Under $10,” all four years we have been posting for them and managing their WordPress website.





Real Life Social Media Public Relations Success Story #5


A vacation rental property agency

  • Within 6 weeks, went from relative Internet obscurity, to returning first page, above-the-fold results for every relevant keyword
  • Landing at the top of organic results, was no longer forced to pay for expensive Google sponsored results, saving the client hundreds of dollars each month




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