Crowding in Cyberspace

So as I grow more comfortable with blogging and micro-blogging, I’ve ventured out lately to post comments on platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter. Today’s LinkedIn E-Marketing Group discussion interested me because the first post was written by a guy who I think must hail from Sweden or something. His name is Hans. And he is a prolific LinkedIn microblogger.

Swedish Blogging
The reason I appreciate Hans is because he posts comments without regard for the use of insignificant language articles like “the” and “a.” I am confident I would unintentionally eliminate such non-essentials were I to learn Swedish and then post blogs for Swedes in Cyberspace. So I have to give Hans props for writing in his un-native tongue.

Cross-Cultural Communication
Whether or not Hans hails from the USA, I give him props for posting. And I thank him for allowing me to join the conversation.

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