Bowling for Business: How to Do Social Media

I’m sitting here at Cal Baptist University. We’re discussing blogging and other elements of social media. The big question is, since our time is limited, where should we devote the majority of our social media marketing efforts?

The jury is still out. But I notice that most of my PRSA peers are focusing their efforts as am I…on FaceBook, Twitter and LinkedIn. At this point, most early adopters have moved past MySpace and are playing with micro-blogging platforms.

Based on the overwhelming success of Twitter, I think these micro-blog platforms might start multiplying like rabbits. The reason? Few of us have time to communicate with more than 140-character bursts.

For those of you on the fence, when it comes to blogging, now is the time! And here are some simple steps to get you started. The following is my adaptation of the social media worksheet from the seminar, which should walk you through the basics of setting up your very first blog post.


My thanks to Cal Baptist’s Karen Bergh and Sherelle Salaver, our course instructors. They condensed some complicated theorems into digestible tidbits. And they remain my social media mavens.

Positioning Statement

  1. What is the brand of/blog about?
  2. What will it offer?
  3. How is this different or beter than what others are offering?

Who are my Clients/Customers?

  1. Target market?
  2. Who are our competitors?
  3. What are they offering?
  4. To whom? Where?
  5. Where do market opportunities exist?

What can I improve on?

  1. Which markets will be most profitable for you?
  2. What are my competitive advantages?

Where is my audience?

  1. What are their interests?
  2. What are they reading?
  3. Where?
  4. How often?
  5. What do I want them to do?
  6. What is my niche?

Goals: Metrics/How can I measure my success?

  1. Increased brand awareness
  2. Reputation management
  3. Improved SEO
  4. Increased Relevant Visitor Traffic
  5. Improve Sales for a Product or Service

Goals: Posts

  • Create content that inspires, informs, or persuades your audience.
  • Invite participation at an event.
  • Use surveys and votes to engage your audience and gather data.
  • Follow-up after an event.
  • Create value for on-demand access

Why does it matter?

Communication is the cornerstone of the human condition. And blogging is a way to extend your voice. Give it a try.

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